Saturday, December 25, 2010

Term 3

When term 3 started it was quickly evident that I wouldn't have 2 months to animate, I may only have 2 to 3 weeks to animate if I was lucky. My new challenge was to keep the essence of the film and cut it down from 02:20 to 1 minute. The rigging process took much longer than I anticipated, but once I got Yik moving I started having a ton of fun making him dance, experimenting with him in a 2D environment, and having epic battles with David DeLeon's Lion.
Animatic reviews were absolutely one of my favourite parts of the process. We'd put our films up on the big screen and our instructors would draw over our characters to help strengthen our poses. They, along with our classmates, would also give feedback on our story and progress. It was such a great team environment, and it was ridiculous how much you'd learn in your 15 minute presentation.
My first 2D/3D test with fire.
It was a little embarrassing but Yik totally kicked Leon's butt....for fun of course. (and PS. stay tuned for animated shorts in the future featuring Yik and Leon in some epic battles).

Yik imagining what he would do with those gummy worms.

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